Why Is Physical Therapy Important For Golfers?

Why is Physical Therapy Important for Golfers?

Golf is a popular sport worldwide for all ages. Amateur golfers tend to pick up the sport once they can’t compete in high impact and high intensity activities. Golf may seem like a safe sport for those wanting a sport with a lower risk of injury, however, golf can be just as harmful to the body as other sports. Over the last two decades golf has evolved due to improvements in equipment and golf course design.  JOI Rehab clinicians can have the answers to your questions about physical therapy for golfers.  

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Physical Therapy for golfers can help to return golfers to play. JOI RehabPhysical Therapy for Golfers

How can Golf cause Injuries?

The quick answers is that a professional golfer has an average swing speed of about 113 mph and can drive the ball 290 yards. Amateurs will probably generate around 70-90 mph speeds to a distance of 214 yards. Repeatedly swinging at these speeds can result in an injury. 

The majority of golfer complaints involve the lower back, shoulders, and neck. Wrist and forearm injuries can be common with repetitive contact to the ball and ground.  Many golfers already experience arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis as they age.  It is important to properly stretch prior to getting on the course. Physical therapy stretches for golfers can be very different than what you may think. To learn more about JOI Rehab Golfer's Tips, go to this ARTICLE.

Illustration of a human arm showing golfer's elbow. JOI RehabIllustration of Golfer's Elbow

Why Is Physical Therapy for Golfers Important? 

Once in pain, most simply stop the activity, let the body heal, and then go back to playing golf. The problem with this is that upon returning to golf, they revert back to the same swing that initially caused the pain. With physical therapy, a professional will be able to assess restrictions, limitations, weaknesses, and deficits that may be the root cause of the pain. An individual’s swing can also be biomechanically analyzed. 

One of the main causes of low back pain is poor mechanics during the swing. A golfer may present a reverse spine angle, meaning the side-bend of the upper body finishes in the opposite direction. It is typically caused by restrictions in the body limiting proper range of motion. The lack of good mobility in the mid back, hips, and shoulders, or the lack of stability from their feet through their lower body, can create pain and increase risk of injury.

It is beneficial to any level of golfer to have a team that includes a golf professional, physical therapist, and exercise professional working together to improve an individual’s game and maintain proper health.  JOI Rehab has clinicians who are specifically trained on how to rehab golfers and have a special certification. 

By: Jon Stiffler PTA

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