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Medical Laser – $20 per visit, per body part*

Available by appointment at JOI Rehab San Marco Spine Center, South Spine Center, and Westside/Roosevelt locations only.

To learn more about Direct Access to Physical Therapy without seeing an MD, please read this ARTICLE.

What to Expect from Laser Therapy:

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Medical Laser can decrease pain and inflammation
  • Laser therapy is a non-invasive technique to help reduce pain and inflammation.  The use of laser is a safe alternative or adjunct for pharmaceutical drugs. This device has FDA approval as a pain relief treatment.  JOI Rehab’s licensed therapists will perform each treatment as directed by your physician.
  • The treatment lasts between 3-15 minutes, depending on the condition.  It is administered directly to the skin,  Laser light cannot penetrate through layers of clothing. You will feel a soothing warmth as the therapy is administered.
  • Depending on the body part, I choose either a “contact” or “non-contact” handpiece. The contact handpiece is designed to allow your therapist to physically manipulate the tissue.  The result is a laser-massage treatment. This allows for light to penetrate deeper into tissues than the non-contact handpiece allows. 
  • In my experience, you should receive positive results after 5-8 treatments.  I have also seen an immediate response during the initial treatment. In conclusion, your doctor and JOI therapist will develop a treatment plan that is optimal for your specific condition.

How Does It Work?

Medical Laser Therapy works by flooding the tissue with photon energy.  Therefore, the energize cells within the injured tissue will start the healing process. This therapy allows your body to utilize its own restorative powers by inducing a series of healing responses in your body. Finally, the laser will start an 18-24 hour process of modulated cellular activity leading to decreased pain and inflammation.

FDA and ISO Standards

*JOI Rehabilitation’s LiteCure Medical lasers are cleared by the FDA and adhere to strict ISO
standards in order to provide you with the safest non-invasive treatment option on the market.
Laser therapy provides you with a safe and effective alternative to drugs and works nicely as
an adjunct to physical therapy
*All JOI clinicians using the laser have attended extended training
and are registered providers with the State of Florida
Department of Health.
Laser treatment Contraindications consist of :
*Pacemaker or other implanted medical devices
*Patients taking photosensitive medications
*Sites of steroid injection within the past 7 days

Is It Safe?

Our medical lasers adhere to strict International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.   Our goal is to provide you with the safest non-invasive treatment option available. All JOI therapists are certified to use the laser have had extended training.  Therefore, they are registered providers with the State of Florida Department of Health. 

Picture of Laser Therapy being performed
Laser Therapy can treat Tennis Elbow

Why choose Medical Laser Treatment?

  • LiteCure® Medical is a clinically proven modality that is the brand of preference for professional athletic trainers.
  • The LightForce™ EX is the highest-powered therapy laser in LiteCure Medical’s product portfolio. So, with 15 watts of power, it provides an unparalleled level of versatility. Advanced 3-D animations of relevant anatomy allow our therapists to have the confidence to clearly visualize the treatment area.  It enables you to better understand the scope of the therapy.
  • This laser uses optimized dosing to the targeted tissue as part of a customized delivery plan. Therefore, here are the critical variables.
    • The treatment area.
    • Specific clinical condition or injury
    • Individual body type and skin pigmentation
  •  These variables will determine the dosage.  Also, the most appropriate delivery method for your specific condition. Furthermore, this level of sophistication takes the guesswork out of laser therapy.  In conclusion, laser provides a positive outcome with reduced treatment times.

*In most instances, the laser is not typically billable to insurance.  Please see that our self pay option is very affordable.  To learn more, please watch this VIDEO.

JOI Rehab

Finally, if you have additional questions of want to schedule an appointment for Medical Laser treatment, call 904-858-7045. Please give us a call to get you back on the road to recovery.

By: Jon Stiffler, Spine Center Coordinator

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