JOI Rehab Spine Fast Track Program

By Ehren Allen, DPT, COMT

JOI Rehab Spine Team Fast Track Program

JOI Rehab has announced a new program to “fast track” back or spine patients. With Fast Track, patients with back pain or a spinal injury can come to physical therapy directly. They simply need a prescription from a primary care or family practice doctor.  This new program will allow patients to start physical therapy quicker. In many cases, they can begin physical therapy without a prescription.

Benefits of The JOI Rehab Fast Track Spine Program

Fast Track Spine

Fast Track Spine Program

  • Fast access to treatment
  • Focus on conservative care FIRST!
  • Lower overall cost of care (on average)
  • Lower risk of long term or chronic issues
  • Detailed evaluation by a JOI Rehab Spine Physical Therapist
  • Faster entry point to the top orthopedic spine team in Northeast Florida
  • Latest research and evidence based care

In the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy, the Virginia Mason example describes a pathway for low back pain management. The pathway includes a new approach to sending patients earlier to physical therapy before diagnostic testing and other medical interventions. It could result in lower cost to the patient, less diagnostic testing, and a less loss of work time.

In addition, some insurance companies now require spine or back & neck patients to try conservative treatment programs before having advanced imaging, injections or surgery. Acute low back pain or neck pain often responds well to conservative physical therapy treatments. Starting physical therapy between the time that you have seen your primary care physician and a JOI Spine Physician can be very beneficial to a good outcome.

JOI Spine Physicians

The JOI Spine physicians are very excited about this program.  Patients who are part of the Fast Track program will have improved results they started therapy sooner.  Physical therapists work closely with the JOI physicians, which enables more accurate decisions about progression and the next steps in delivering the appropriate care.  Our goal is to provide the most efficient and cost-effective outcome for our spine patients.

This program is a good option for many neck and back conditions, including:

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