Golfer’s Tips

By Kristen Wright, M.E.D., ATC, LAT

JOI Rehab Has Some Golfer’s Tips for You


Low back strains are the #1 injury golfers sustain. A few simple stretches with your golf club can help prevent injuries from taking you off the course.


When putting your ball on the tee or retrieving your ball after sinking a
putt always make sure to bend at the knees and not the waist. This will avoid undue stress
on your low back.


The biomechanics of your golf swing play a very important role in injury prevention. The lead shoulder endures more stretching and strain, particularly in an unsound golf swing, than any other area. At JOI we use a program called Dartfish to
break down your golf swing and help you make modifications to your swing to prevent injury. The extent of modifications required to help prevent injury will likely be minor.


Strength training for the shoulder helps you swing your arms faster and hit the ball farther by generating more club head speed.


Strengthening should also include the hips, gluteals, abdominals and
back…not just the arms and legs. This will help prevent those pesky low back injuries as
well as help you swing.


Be sure to warm up before any round of golf. A good warm up should
include golf specific stretching and light, easy swings working your way up to full speed
swings. If you warm up properly, you will have less of a chance of injuring your muscles
and a much better chance of hitting longer and straighter shots.


Listen to your body! Some mild soreness after a round of golf is OK.
However, any persistent soreness or sharp pains need to be addressed by a professional.


Golfers Elbow is pain on the inside, or medial, aspect of the elbow. It is caused by repeated use of the forearm muscles. To help
prevent and/or ease the symptoms make sure to stretch your forearm muscles. (To stretch
the forearm muscles extend your arm out in front of you and with the opposite hand pull
your wrist back and down. Hold each stretch for 20-30sec and repeat.)

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Golfers Injuries are treated at JOI and JOI Rehab

Golfer’s Tips

Whether you are suffering from back issues, joint pain, or injuries resulting from any type of activity, JOI has 12 physical therapy clinics conveniently located in Jacksonville and Northeast FL who specialize in orthopedic rehab. Also, they may even be able to give you some golfer’s tips!

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By: Kristen Wright, M.E.D., ATC, LAT

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