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 $45 Per Medical Massage

We are looking to grow our Massage Therapy Program, if you are a licensed massage therapist, please apply here.

Please watch this video on Medical Massage from JOI. 

Available by appointment only at JOI Rehab Baptist Beaches, Fleming Island, Nassau, San Marco and South locations.  JOI Rehab will be following the recommendations from the Department of Health.  Therefore, the therapist and the patients will both be wearing masks.

Patient getting massage of back while laying on a treatment table

JOI Medical Massage

Medical massage therapy can offer extremely effective support to your healthcare regimen. Because of current research, massage therapy is increasingly being offered in the medical field. It is used as an enhancement to standard treatments for a large number of medical conditions. Watch this VIDEO to learn more about Medical Massage Therapy at JOI and how it can help!

To learn more about Direct Access to Physical Therapy without seeing an MD, please read this ARTICLE.

Massage Therapists

Image of Chayenne Febus, LMT

Chayenne Febus, LMT

A.S. in Massage Therapy (Florida College of Natural Health, 2010)

Chayenne Febus, LMT was born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Chayenne has been involved with sports in some way his entire life. He played baseball from ages 9 until his freshman year of college. After hurting his knee, he experienced massage for the first time. This experience is what drove him to be an aspiring Licensed Massage Therapist. Chayenne Febus began massage school in 2008 at Florida College of Natural Health. He completed his studies, graduated and became licensed in 2010. Chayenne’s focus has been medical massage to treat others the way he was treated when he was hurt. He moved to Jacksonville, FL to pursue medical massage in the sports field and has been with JOI Rehab at our JOI Rehab San Marco location since February 2022.

Aisha George at JOI Rehab Fleming Island

Aisha George, LMT

Aisha, took a love for massage at a very young age. She started as young as 8 years old, rubbing on her parents’ aching feet and walking on their sore backs, to help relieve them of discomfort. She continued to exercise her healing touch throughout High School, as an athlete, there were always team members in need of soft tissue mobilization. It was destiny for her to continue her love for her massage after she graduated high school.

Licensed since 2004, she has continued to practice her endearment for helping people throughout their healing journey and she is always eager to learn new modalities. Currently a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner. In her spare time, she likes to wire wrap crystals and gemstones to make beautiful jewelry to which she also holds a certification in Crystal Healing Therapy. Born a genuine humanitarian, she feels as if it’s her natural birth right to be a part of helping humanity heal. 

Benefits Of Massage

Studies have shown that medical massage therapy can be effective for reducing muscle tension, stress and pain. Research has also shown that it can be a beneficial treatment for anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia related to stress, myofascial pain syndrome, paresthesia and nerve pain, soft tissue strains or injuries, sports injuries and temporomandibular joint pain

Keep in mind that even though medical massage therapy can be helpful, it is not meant to replace regular medical care. Our physicians and massage therapists will be happy to explain to you the benefits of massage.  Adding massage therapy to your healthcare regimen is a good idea.

Licensed Massage Therapists offer medically directed massage services.  Our therapist’s approach is to focus on soft tissue, spine-specific, and sports-related injuries. In conclusion, our Massage Therapists work directly with JOI’s Physical Therapists and our JOI Physicians in coordinating your care.  Most insurance plans will not cover massage therapy.  However, our goal at JOI Rehab is to provide all of your orthopedic needs in in one place.  We want to make sure that you have the best outcome possible.  JOI is where the Pro’s Go and so should you! 

We are now offering Medical Massage at the JOI Rehab Nassau Office. 

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To schedule an appointment for massage, please call the office of your choice or request an appointment by following the link below. 

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