JOI Sports Medicine

Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, Jacksonville, FL

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We are looking to grow our Massage Therapy Program, if you are a licensed massage therapist, please apply here.

For New Physician Appointments Call: 904-JOI-2000 or Fax the Referral to: 904-996-9412 or schedule new patient appointments here.

New To JOI: You now can make and cancel follow-up appointments for your JOI Physician through the JOI Portal.

Please call one of the 5 JOI Physician Offices for: Prescription Refills, Questions for the MD or Medical Assistant, Scheduling Worker’s Comp Appointments, Scheduling Diagnostic Tests(MRI, CT), Scheduling Injections and Cancellations or for Rescheduling.

For JOI Rehab, please call one of the 12 Physical Therapy Centers. Did you know you can come to physical therapy for 30 days without an MD prescription? Find out more about Direct Access to JOI Rehab.

JOI has 34 Orthopedic Specialist Physicians. Please follow this link to view our physicians page or to schedule an appointment online. To reschedule a surgery, please call the JOI MD Office.

Do you want more information about our Orthopaedic Surgeons or want to request an appointment? Telemedicine or Virtual Visits are now available for new and existing patients for physicians and physical therapy.

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