Orthopaedic Online Scheduling

The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute has implemented online scheduling for new patient appointments for all of our orthopaedic physicians.  JOI is the first group in the North Florida/Southern Georgia region to implement orthopaedic online scheduling for new patient appointments.  There is no need be on hold on your phone anymore, go to JOIonline.net and schedule your new patient appointment with one of our 33 physicians. Mondays are a very busy day for call volume at any call center and in orthopedics it is even busier.  Due to the increased activity with sports and yard work on the weekends, injuries happen over the weekend. Now you have an option to not wait on the phone line on Monday morning!  Just access our platform on the weekend and get an appointment with one of our JOI Physicians without waiting on a phone line. 

Orthopaedic Online Scheduling For New Patients

JOI will be using the DocASAP program to schedule new patient appointments on their cell phone, tablet or on their desktop computer.  This will allow patients to access orthopaedic online scheduling whenever is convenient for them.  During the day or after normal business hours during the week and on the weekends.  We realize that many people want the convenience of scheduling orthopaedic appointments online versus calling on the phone.  

Orthopaedic Online Scheduling at JOIJOI Now Offers Orthopedic Online Appointments for New Patients

Accurate, Real-time Orthopaedic Online Scheduling

DocASAP Orthopaedic Online Scheduling handles the complexities of scheduling needed for optimizing access. Scheduling availability is configurable by all of our 34 providers.  Our goal is to enhance provider search capabilities by accurately directing patients to the right provider, in the right setting, at the right time.  This tool can help triage and direct patients to providers based on medical requirements. Patients are presented with providers that meet their needs if their preferred provider isn’t available. DocASAP can display different locations for the same providers that have availability.  DocASAP Orthopaedic Online Scheduling now partners with the following Insurance Plans:

A Few of Our DocASAP Health Plan Partners

DocASAP Orthopaedic Online Scheduling HealthCare Partners

"DocASAP helps us address the access needs of our diverse patient population, close gaps in care and creation the frictionless experience consumers demand.”

Patient Access: Consumers are Setting the Bar

Fueled by a 24/7 internet-enabled environment, it comes as no surprise that today’s consumers demand better access to healthcare. First, they want to schedule an appointment at their convenience. According to a 2018 Deloitte Insights Survey, a large majority of consumers now shop online and use online or mobile banking. Their use of technology in healthcare, while lagging other industries, has steadily increased since 2015. For example, 59% of consumers now use technology to refill prescriptions and 75% receive digital medication alerts.  At JOI we want to continue to meet and exceed the demands of our patients.

Improved Access To Orthopaedic Online Scheduling

This innovative process for scheduling will provide additional access for new patient appointments.  Injuries certainly occur after hours and on the weekends.  We realize that it is not always convenient to call during the day to schedule appointments.  Now, our patients can schedule from the convenience of their home computer or their cell phone. DocASAP Care-Driven Engagement and Reminders allow healthcare providers to engage their patients pre and post visit. Patients are empowered to reschedule or cancel appointments, reducing costly no-shows, and access the information they need to better prepare for their visit.

For Orthopaedic Online Scheduling of appointments, you will still need your insurance information prior to scheduling the new appointment.  There are some conditions that are time sensitive that you may still need to call our JOI Call Center at 904-JOI-2000.  Emergency Room follow-up, Worker’s Comp, Telemedicine and fractures are appointments that you still need to call in for.  If you get a message to call the JOI-2000, the provider that you selected may not see your condition or we may need to contact the MD office.

JOI Online SchedulingJOI Is the First North Florida Orthopedic Office to Offer Orthopaedic Online Scheduling

If you are on JOIonline.net and you don’t want to use the online scheduling feature, you can still use the Contact Us button in the menu bar and fill out an appointment request.  The JOI Call Center will then call you to schedule your appointment.

We hope that the orthopaedic online scheduling process will improve access to new patient appointments and make it more convenient for our patients.  Our goal is to deliver the best orthopedic services to our community.

Please watch this video about online scheduling: VIDEO.  To schedule with JOI Rehab for physical therapy, please call 904-858-7045or request an appointment HERE.

For Orthopaedic Online Scheduling, Please Click Below.

By: Tim Wall, MS, ATC

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