McKenzie Exercises

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McKenzie Exercises for the Spine

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McKenzie back exercises are a specific set of exercise movements whose functions are to use spinal positioning to assist with treatment of Herniated or “bulging“ discs. Mechanical low back pain has also shown benefit with recovery with this treatment approach. It is important to remember that only a certain type of back pain/radicular pain can be helped with these specific exercises.

The way that the McKenzie exercises work are by using specific movements that correctly position the lumbar spine to move the bulging disc away from the nerve that it is pushing on. Basically what is happening is that you are moving the bulging disc back into its normal position in the spine. This action with help alleviate pain and allow improved spinal mobility.

Another important aspect for positive effect with these McKenzie exercises is a proper assessment by a trained Physical Therapist like the ones JOI has at each of its Spine Centers. The assessment will determine if the McKenzie back exercises are right for your specific back problem. It is also important to follow the correct form and amount of intensity as directed by a professional.

This assessment is important since even valid rehabilitation exercises that are done in the wrong circumstances can actually lead to further pain and possible increased nerve damage. You should not pull a set of exercises off the internet and blindly start doing what may actually cause further harm to your back. Be safe, call JOI and see a Spine Specialist that will determine if the McKenzie method is right for you.

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