How Can I Prepare For My Summer Activities?

In preparing for your Summer Activities

Covid has certainly affected so many areas of our lives over the last year.  Summer time has always been the time where we take our vacations and do our special projects.  We certainly want everyone to stay safe this summer. I think everyone is caught between what is safe to do and what we should not do.  Our mental health has certainly been tested during the last year.  JOI has identified some tips to prepare for the summer:

  • Educate yourself on activity and safety in the heat of summer activities:
  • Get active and in shape to prepare for summer activities:
    • Here on the first coast, we have plenty of beaches to lounge on, play games, or even take a leisurely stroll, all of which have many health benefits.  You may want to lose a few pounds before trying on those swimsuits.  Here are some tips to lose weight:
      • Start off slow with your activities and increase the time or intensity each day.
      • Improve your diet by eating smaller portions
      • Walking is one of the best places to start with an exercise program.  Walking on the Beach can also help your mental health.
      • Biking and swimming are also great activities
      • Watch out for stress eating.  When you are stressed out, try some relaxation activities like yoga or your favorite hobby.
      • Adopt a pet from the humane society.  Pets certainly can help decrease stress and it is much harder to say no to a daily walk with a pet.  Pets are also a great companion!
      • Always check with your personal physician before starting an exercise program.  But, don't let this be an excuse not to start at all!  Most physicians will encourage you to become more active within reason.
      • If you have an injury or have been putting off an nagging orthopedic problem, don't wait any longer.  Set up an appointment and get back to the activities that you love.
  • Address any injuries or problems that be impacted by summer activities.JOI Rehab can help you get healthierHow Can I Prepare for my Summer Activities? 
    • Things such as shoulder problems can affect your ability to perform summer activities such as golf or tennis without discomfort or limitations. If you are having shoulder problems, see a Physician to address them.
  • Don't overdo it with too many summer activities:
    • Make sure to get the proper rest or recovery after your summer activities. Doing too much with summer activities such as golf or tennis can result in injuries such as elbow tendonitis from overuse of your wrist and forearm. 
  • Before you start a new activity, yard work or a new project, it is important to stretch!  Stretching can prevent injuries and muscle soreness from starting new activities.  You should prepare for the yard work and walking program like you would prior to a basketball game in your youth.  A warm up and stretching routine can certainly help you get back into shape. 

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  • If you have questions about how to become more active, you can always call and ask our JOI Rehab staff members.  Our staff members can certainly help you get back to a healthier lifestyle.  JOI rehab has 12 locations in the North Florida Area. For appointments, please call 904-858-7045

By: Michelle Duclos, ATC

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