Sprained Foot

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Do you have a Sprained Foot?

The foot and ankle work together to provide support and mobility to the body. A foot or ankle sprain is usually signs of a soft tissue injury. Most often, a sprain occurs when an injury pulls, stretches, or tears the ligaments that connect bone to bone. There are three types or grades of sprains based on the severity of the injury.

Injuries are the most common cause of foot and ankle sprains and fractures. Many sprains occur during sports or recreational activity. Tripping or stumbling on uneven ground is another common cause of foot and ankle sprains

Pain, swelling, bruising, and difficulty walking on the affected foot or ankle are the most common symptoms of a sprained foot or ankle.

Self Care: 
If you’ve hurt your foot or ankle, use the acronym RICE to help you.

Rest—Rest or immobilize the affected area. Stay off the injured foot or ankle until it can be fully evaluated. Walking or running on an injured foot or ankle may make the injury worse.
Ice—Apply ice to the affected area as soon as possible, and reapply it for 15–20 minutes every three or four hours for the first 48 hours after injury. Ice can decrease pain and inflammation.
Compression—Wrap an elastic bandage (Ace wrap) around the affected foot or ankle. The wrapping should be snug, but not so tight as to cut off circulation.
Elevation—Elevate the affected extremity on a couple of pillows; ideally, your foot or ankle should be higher than your heart. Keeping your foot or ankle elevated also decreases swelling.

For the more severe ankle or foot sprains, you may need to consult with a physician for the proper care of these injuries.


Where is Telemedicine frequently used?

All JOI Physicians, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists now offer Telemedicine services for virtual visits from the convenience of your home. If you feel that it is best to stay in your own home during this time, we can still provide orthopaedic Telehealth services for you. Through the download of the free Zoom app on the your phone, tablet or laptop. Our physicians and Telehealth for Physical Therapy can evaluate you and provide the care you need.

JOI Fracture and Injury Care

JOI Physicians are currently offering ASAP Fracture care. Make an appointment by calling (904)JOI-2000. This is a new option for patients who would like to avoid the emergency room if they have suffered a fracture or soft tissue injury. To learn more about this service, read this article about fracture and injury care.


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