By Jon Stiffler PTA/Sports Center Manager


Orthotics are comfortable custom-fit inserts for your running or walking shoes. These inserts are used to help correct biomechanical issues that may cause lower extremity pain or dysfunction. These are especially helpful in easing pain in the feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips and the lower back.

Your Visit will Take 30 minutes and Includes the Following:

  • Gait analysis.
  • Flexibility screening.
  • Casting of both feet.
  • Examination of current running shoes.
  • Home exercise program (if required).
  • Suggestions for proper running shoes.
What are the best inserts for plantar fasciitis

Image of JOI Custom Orthotic Inserts

Cost of Orthotics Service

We offer this professional customized service for only $140. Orders for additional pairs of orthotics are available as well.

Also, for more information on the benefit of orthotics or to make an appointment, go to joionline.net.

  • To schedule a new patient or follow up patient appointment with your MD, please call (904)JOI-2000.
  • Finally, to schedule an appointment for physical or occupational therapy, call 904-858-7045 or 12 area JOI Rehab Centers.

JOI Fracture and Injury Care

JOI Physicians are currently offering ASAP Fracture care. Make an appointment by calling (904)JOI-2000. This is a new option for patients who would like to avoid the emergency room if they have suffered a fracture or soft tissue injury. Also, to learn more about this service, read this article about fracture and injury care.

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