Atlantic Coast High School

By Cody Gresham, LAT/ATC

Atlantic Coast High School

Atlantic Coast High School is located at 9735 R. G. Skinner Parkway Jacksonville, FL 32256. ACHS was established in 2010. Located south of the southeast side of Jacksonville it was built to provide relief for Sandalwood, Englewood, Wolfson, and Mandarin High School. The school slogan is “making waves towards greatness”. The chosen mascot for Atlantic Coast is the Stingray, which school colors being black, white, and burnt orange. ACHS currently competes in the Florida High School Athletic Association’s 7A division. There are currently 25 athletic, 11 men’s and women’s 14 teams at Atlantic Coast.

atlantic coast high school stingrays logo

atlantic coast high school stingrays logo

Men’s Sports at ACHS

Men’s: football, swimming and diving, golf, cross country, basketball, soccer, wrestling, lacrosse, baseball, tennis, and track

Women’s Sports at ACHS

Women’s: volleyball, swimming, and diving, bowling, golf, cross country, slow-pitch softball, basketball, soccer, weightlifting, lacrosse, fast-pitch softball, flag football, tennis, and track

Sports Medicine at Atlantic Coast High School

ACHS currently offers a Sports Medicine Club. The mission is to utilize best practices to provide the most efficient health care possible. We strive to take the latest knowledge and understanding in the medical field to deliver comprehensive care in the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries sustained in the secondary school setting. Our continuous collaboration with physicians, the athletic department, coaches, and parents is to ensure the quickest and safest return to competition for all student-athletes. The Sports Medicine Club is open to any student currently enrolled at Atlantic Coast High School.

Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute has been the sports medicine provider since the school opened in 2010. The current sport medicine providers at Athletic Trainer for ACHS are Cody Gresham, ATC, and Dr. Kevin Kaplan.

Atlantic Coast’s current Athletic Director is Kelly Blount.

To learn more about Direct Access to Physical Therapy without seeing an MD, please read this ARTICLE.

The Sports Medicine Team that supports the StingRays, is here for you too! To schedule an appointment, call 904-JOI-2000, schedule online, or click the link below.

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