Low Back Pain Remedy

In discussing remedies for low back pain, you must first define what is considered as a remedy. A remedy is not as special salve that is advertised on TV or paste mixture that your grandmother made for you when you’re back hurt. A remedy is a treatment or intervention that is fact based to include research studies. This article will present a group of such remedies for your low back pain.

Low back pain can come in many forms such as arthritis causes-spinal arthritis or lumbar strain vs sprain. Also lumbar strain is a common form of a problem that effects many people. These links will help you better understand what you are actually trying to remedy.

What is not a back pain remedy?

The number one mistake you can make with low back pain is complete bed rest. During your course of dealing with low back pain, certain activities must be modified and movements that reproduce pain must be avoided. However doing activities that are biomechanically correct or exercises that are designed to positively impact your pain issue are essential. Bed rest is only a remedy to prolong your pain.

Remedies for Recovery

Physical Therapy for low back pain

A physical therapist is trained to address your issue of low back pain from all aspects of a complete treatment plan. During your initial acute phase, modalities and a hands on approach such as massage and mobilizations would be emphasized. As your symptoms subside, exercise that gradually returns your back to normal would be addressed. Finally, once you return to your pain free state more dynamic core strengthening and home management program would be employed. Physical Therapy can be a complete remedy for recovery

Stretching for a Lower Back Strain

Many times a culprit with low back pain are tight hamstrings. These muscles run from the back of your knee to tour lower buttock. When the hamstrings are tight they cause an increased stress on the spine. When you stretch and loosen up your hamstrings than the amount of negative force on the spine is reduced. Stretching your hamstrings (lower back stretch) should be done lying flat for the best position on the spine.

Heat and Ice for Back Pain

Both heat and ice can be a cheap, useful remedy for low back pain. A hot shower or moist heating pad should be used as heat source as these methods ensure the best penetration of heat into the tissue surfaces. Ice should be used in the more initial acute phase when you want to decrease more of the initial inflammation that is present. As symptoms improve than heat should be used to relax tissue and increase blood flow to promote healing. These uses are rule of thumb suggestions as heat or ice alone may work better for the individual.

Acupuncture for Back Pain 

Acupuncture at JOIImage of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine that involves using needles to stimulate specific points on the body. These points connect to certain pathways (meridians) that carry vital energy referred to as Chi through the body. According to the principles of acupuncture, low back pain is the result of blockage of the flow of Chi which leads to pain. By stimulating the specific points, the flow of chi will restored and of pain will be eliminated.

Core strength for Back Pain 

The abdominal and back muscles are key components of the muscular network that supports the bones o f the spine. Without the specific back and abdominal exercises to target these muscles, they will naturally weaken over time leading to low back injury/pain. Core strengthening involves specific exercises that are performed with correct spinal alignment. Theses exercises with increase the functional support at the low back. This gain in strength will advance your level of function and posture. Guided by a professional from JOI rehab, core strength is the remedy for a weak, painful back.

Massage for Low Back Pain

Image of a man getting a massage

Low back pain involves muscles of the back that are usually tight or involve a level of spasm. Massage can be an effective remedy to relieve these painful conditions. When the body is injured, certain chemicals are released that cause inflammation and tissue restriction. Massage techniques can help push these chemicals out of the tissue and restore your low back area to its normal chemical balance. Remember this is not just a rub down, JOI Rehab has medical licensed massage therapist trained in all current massage techniques.

Relaxation Helps Back Pain

It is a known physiological fact that mental stress has an negative imprecate with low back pain. This anxiety can actually amplify your pain response to an more intense level. Methods such as meditation and deep breathing can reduce your anxiety and its impact on your pain. Also exercise such as Yoga causes release of endorphins. These endorphins are considered the feel good chemicals of the body. Again they function to lower your anxiety or negative stress on the body.

A Good Nights Sleep with Low Back Pain

Sleep is sometimes one of the most illusive of remedies for low back pain. Research has shown that not getting enough sleep can actually make you more sensitive to pain. The catch 22 to this is that your pain is the reason that your sleep is disrupted. This situation can become a viscous cycle as one feeds off the other. The correct pillow/mattress and sleep position can be the remedy to the problem. Studies have shown that a medium firm mattress is best for most people. Also sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs can lessen your low back pain.

The Best Remedy for Low Back Pain

Your best remedy for low back pain is choosing JOI Rehab. We are skilled in all aspects of physical therapy, massage, core strength and acupuncture. We also can help guide you with the use of heat/ice, sleep and the overall management with your low back pain.

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By: Jared Ernest, PT

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