Where Lower Back Pain Begins

By Tim Wall MS/ATC

Where Back Pain Begins

Lower back pain is a common problem that severely impacts the quality of your life. It can limit your ability to be active. It can cause you to miss work. Many different causes may lead to pain in your lower back.  Please watch this video on Where Back Pain Begins.

Where Low Back Pain Begins

Image of Man with Low Back Pain


The lower back is a strong and stable part the body. But, improper lifting or poor posture over time may weaken or damage the structures of the Low back. This may cause differing pains in lower back structures, as well as the buttocks and legs. A painful lower back can lead to decreased independence with daily activities.  There are so many people who have low back pain or soreness and they don’t do anything about it.  It is so much easier to treat the low back in the early stages.  You should not wait and live with low back pain.  The therapists at JOI Rehab can design a program to help you manage your pain and do the activities that you love.  The Spine experts at JOI can help get you back on track!

JOI Rehab Spine Team

At all of the JOI Rehab Centers, we have therapists specially trained to treat the back or spine.  Early intervention with the back pain is the key to a great outcome.  As clinicians, every day we see people who have waited to see the doctor about their back pain.  Our programs are designed to prevent further injury to your back and get rid of the pain.  Here are the key factors to get rid of back pain:

  • An evaluation of your flexibility and motion of your body.
  • A stretching program specific to your body that you can do at home.
  • An assessment of the mobility of your spine and curvatures.
  • Development of a home program to improve your core strength.  The core is the key factor to protect your spine from further injury.
  • Assessment of your posture and work stations.
  • Assessment of your sleeping patterns and activities of daily living.
  • Stay active and manage your weight.  Excessive weight can be a major factor in the development of back pain.
single knee to chest stretch at JOI Rehab

single knee to chest exercise

Spine Tip

Men and women both spend a lot of time at their sink in their kitchen or in front of the mirror in their bathroom.  The activities of shaving, brushing your teeth, putting on make-up can cause you to stress your spine in the morning.  To decrease the pressure of leaning forward into your sink, open your cabinet drawer below the sink.  Place one foot on the lower ledge of the cabinet.  This will cause you to go into a hip hinge position instead of leaning over into the sink.  You can alternate which foot you place in the cabinet.  I can tell you, this simple spine tip really works.  If you want to learn more spine tips, please go to Spine Tips.

If you want to learn more about low back pain, please follow this link low back pain or 5 Ways To Treat Your SI Joint Dysfunction. 

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By: Tim Wall, MS, ATC

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