JOI Rehab Bridge Program

By Christoph Zuther

Are you stuck at home during the Coronavirus Quarantine? You can still actively participate in rehabilitation using the JOI Rehab Bridge Program! During the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home period, JOI is offering essential physical or occupational therapy in your home.  If you need “hands-on” therapy, but cannot come in to one of our Rehabilitation Centers during this time, we will bring the Therapy to YOU!  

image of physical therapist providing therapy in the patient's home

Patient using JOI bridge program.

What are the Benefits of the JOI Rehab Bridge Program?

Patients now have the option to have therapy in their home with a JOI Physical or Occupational Therapist. THIS IS NOT HOME HEALTH CARE.  You do not need a home health certification from your physician.  Your insurance will treat this the same as an in-office session.  Your therapist will simply arrive at your home and treat you as if you are in the Rehabilitation Center.

Here’s how it works:

  • If your doctor prescribes physical or occupational therapy, contact one of our Rehabilitation Centers and request an In-Home Therapy Evaluation.
  • If you are an existing patient, contact your JOI Rehabilitation Center and request an appointment at your home.
  • The Office will Schedule an appointment for your therapist to come to your home for a session.
  • Your insurance and copays/deductible/out-of-pocket cost will be the same as an in-office visit.

*Please note that the geographic area we can serve is limited based on our outpatient rehab facility locations.  

Click HERE to view the Open For Business Television Segment that ran on CBS/FOX locally during the early months of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

JOI Fracture/Injury Care 

JOI is on the Front Line during the COVID-19 crisis. In an effort to increase access to our doctors, we are now offering ASAP Fracture and Injury Services. This allows patients who have urgent orthopaedic needs from an injury to be seen quickly by one of our Orthopaedic Doctors. This is an option for those who would prefer to not go to the emergency room. Please follow this link to read how JOI fracture and injury services work.

Severe trauma or obvious open fracture injuries should still go to a Hospital Emergency Department for care.

The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute has quickly developed these programs to allow us to continue to provide our services through this crisis.

To make an appointment for the JOI Rehab Bridge Program, please call your nearest JOI Rehab location or follow the link below.

Book An Appointment with JOI Rehab in jacksonville.

Book An Appointment with JOI Rehab Button.

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