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Common Causes Neck Stiffness

Have you ever had a kink in your neck or neck stiffness?  It is a common problem which many individuals will experience. Neck stiffness can occur in multiple ways such as stress, whiplash, or poor posture. 

Most cases related to neck stiffness can be treated by the individual and does not require seeing a physician. 

However, if you are experiencing reoccurring symptoms or symptoms lasting more than a week, seek further medical attention.  Often, a few sessions of physical therapy can really help!

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Stiff Neck Remedy by JOIStiff Neck Remedy

Stiff Neck Remedy

Neck strains, sprains, or poor posture can all contribute to acute or chronic neck pain. Poor posture is known to be the most common cause of neck pain. Neck stiffness does not only occur from an injury or trauma within the cervical region. Poor sleep habits can also be a cause of stiffness in the neck.  Using too many pillows while sleeping is a major factor with neck pain.   Please read this article on  how to sleep with neck pain.

 It may also occur if a patient is recovering from a shoulder surgery or has been experiencing pain in the shoulder. Patients may experience pain or stiffness along the trapezius muscle or along the top of the shoulder.  With most shoulder injuries the patient wears a sling.  The weight and pressure from holding the shoulder can certainly put stress on the neck muscles. 

A pulled neck muscle also referred as neck muscle strain, can occur when there is a sudden change of direction. Also, from a stretching mechanism within the cervical region from neck injuries such as whiplash. This can cause back stiffness and pain.

Stiff Neck Remedy JOI RehabStiff Neck Remedy

Strains occur within the neck muscle fibers are injured.  Individuals will experience pain from these injuries which will limit their mobility in their neck.  The result is pain and stiffness in these muscles and nerves.

Poor Posture

Another issue that can affect or cause neck stiffness is poor posture. Many people don't understand that their daily habits play a huge role in preventing pain.  Patients may show signs of forward head posture, rounded shoulders, and abnormal back curvatures. 

Forward head posture could be due to weak back and neck muscles. Rounded shoulders could be due to tight pectoral muscles. Patients can strengthen their back neck muscles (chin tuck exercises) and stretch their pectoral muscles (doorway stretches) to keep their head and shoulders in proper alignment.

Active range of motion exercises (neck flexion, extension, and rotation) will help increase and maintain neck mobility. This is a true stiff neck remedy. 

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A Pulled Muscle, Heat or Ice?

Neck stiffness typically can be treated on your own with an at home stiff neck remedy method. Some methods to treat pulled neck muscle stiffness include but not limited to massage, stretching, heat or ice. 

Stiff Neck Remedies

During the acute phase patients shoulder consider applying ice daily (great at home stiff neck remedy) to manage inflammation and pain within the neck or shoulder. Heat should be used when the muscles are beginning to feel tight or stiff. 

Applying heat before activity and consistently will help keep the back neck muscles relaxed such as the trapezius and levator scapulae. Stretching and massaging the back neck muscles daily will also help with maintaining flexibility and mobility as well as prevent trigger points from developing and removing the need for a stiff neck remedy. 

Neck Stretch at your computerNeck Stretch at Work

Strengthening the neck and back muscles will help maintain proper head and shoulder alignment which decreases back curvature. 

If your symptoms worsen you should consult with a physician and consider attending formal physical therapy. Some benefits of physical therapy include strengthening exercises and feedback on proper posture. 

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