Pain In The Wrist

By: Lily Condy, MOTR/L, CHT

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Pain In The Wrist

Opening and jar, typing an email, lifting a purse.... they're all tough if your wrist hurts!.  But these are things we do everyday.  Understanding wrist pain and how to make it better can make life better.  There are many reasons that for the wrist to hurt.  It's time to address your pain in the wrist.

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How Can I Relieve Pain in the Wrist?

Wrist pain can be treated in several different ways. Immobilizing the wrist with an OTC brace can be helpful for stabilizing and reducing movement. Bracing can be used during painful activities or at night, depending on the cause of the discomfort. Ice and short term use of NSAIDs can reduce inflammation quickly, allowing return to activity without pain. Therapy is helpful to strengthen the muscles of the hand, wrist, and forearm.  Manual therapy techniques can help with pain relief. A good therapist will provide education on activity modification and joint protection to reduce the risk of future injury.

When Should I see a Doctor for Wrist Pain?

You should make an appointment with a hand specialist when your pain starts interfering with daily activities and the quality of your sleep. If pain is persistent past 6 weeks, it’s encouraged to seek medical advice to catch issues before they become more severe.

What is it Called When You Have Pain in Your Wrist?

Aside from a specific injury, there are several reasons why there may be pain in your wrist. When pain occurs from joint degeneration (wear and tear), it is called arthritis of the hand or wrist. Inflammation of the tendons and surrounding tissue may be referred to as tendinosis, tenosynovitis or tendonitis of the hand or wrist. It’s common to develop ganglion cysts in the wrist, which can also be painful. 

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can come from issues in the wrist as well. CTS can cause pain in the thumb and the first 2 fingers. To learn more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, this ARTICLE may help.

The wrist can have pain from several causesImage of wrist and hand anatomy

What Does Arthritis in the Wrist Feel Like?

Arthritic pain is often described as “bone-on-bone.” Patients may feel a sharp, stabbing sensation when gripping, weight bearing, or twisting the wrist. This pain is often worse with weather changes, particularly on cold, wet days. Sometimes there is a crackling or grinding sensation that occurs during arthritic flare ups. 

If you would like to learn about Wrist Sprains, this VIDEO may help.

Can an X-ray Show Arthritis in the Wrist?

The quick answer is yes, an x-ray of the wrist bones is an excellent diagnostic tool to determine if arthritis is present in the wrist. There are times, however, when a patient has significant arthritis but has no pain, and vice versa. A good physician treats the patient, not the x-ray.

Why Does my Wrist Hurt all of a Sudden?

Sudden onset of pain is usually caused by inflammation due to a major or minor injury. Because we use our hands and wrists constantly throughout the day, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of injury. The best course of action to address sudden, unexplained pain of the wrist is to apply ice on and off for 10-15 minutes and avoid stressing it for about a week. If pain is significant with no improvement, call a hand specialist for an evaluation.

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