How Long Does a Total Knee Replacement Last?

How Long Does a Total Knee Replacement Last?

If you have severe arthritis in your knee, total knee replacement may be an option.  A knee replacement can allow patients to return to their normal daily activity with less or no pain.  But, knee replacements do not last forever.  

Knee replacement parts are made of plastic and metal. Over time, they can wear down just like the rubber on shoes or tires on a bike.  

Forty to fifty years ago, total knee replacement surgeries were reserved for the elderly population as it was believed the implants would only last about 10 years.  

The quick answer is that the newer technology and research have taught the medical community that these implants can last 20 years or longer in some cases.  

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What is a Partial Knee Replacement?

If the arthritis is only affecting one side of the joint, the patient may be a partial knee replacement candidate. These procedures are less invasive and offer quicker recovery times. It also allows for you to benefit from the part of the biological knee that is still healthy.   Partial knee replacement may require additional procedures to be done down the road as well.  Only about 1 in 10 patients who have a partial knee replacement need a revision after 10 years. 

How Long Does a Total Knee Replacement Last and What Affects Longevity?

Improvements in surgical techniques, materials, prosthetic design, and fixation have improved dramatically over time.  As a result, this has significantly increased how long a total knee replacement lasts. 

Several factors affect how long a knee replacement lasts. These include the patient's condition, age, body weight, and the surgical implant.

Younger patients often ask how long does a total knee replacement last and will need the implant to last longer than older patients.  As a result, patients who have a total knee replacement may need to have a revision done to replace their implant at some point in their lifetime. To maximize how long a total knee replacement lasts, patients should avoid high impact activities, competitive sports, running, high impact aerobics, and heavy manual labor. 

Patients who are overweight place a significant amount of impact on their bodies. Maintaining a healthy weight lowers the amount of stress placed on the new total knee joint. Avoiding complications will also improve how long a total knee replacement lasts.

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After the surgery, it is important to follow all orthopedic surgeon instructions and follow up with physical therapy.  This will decrease the risk of complications such as infection or limited movement of the knee.  Complications can limit how long the knee replacement lasts.  We hope we have answered your question on how long does a total knee replacement lasts.  

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by: Michelle Duclos ATC

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