Ankle Pain

Why do I have Ankle Pain?

By: Ehren Allen, PT/Certified Manual Therapist

Ankle pain can come from multiple types of injuries to the ankle or foot. Sprains in the ankle can cause ankle and foot pain.  There are several types of sprains.  The most common is a inversion sprain.  This affects the outside of that ankle and is sometimes referred to as a rolled ankle.  An Eversion sprain is less common and usually occurs when the ankle is stretched to the outside.  This damages the ligaments on the inside portion of the ankle.  A high ankle sprain is more severe and can cause a separation of the tissue that holds the 2 leg bones together near the ankle.  All of these can cause ankle joint pain.

Ankle problems can also cause foot pain.  Foot pain in the morning under the heel may be due to plantar fasciitis but this can be worsened by stiffness in the ankle. Foot pain and stiffness may also lead to ankle pain as it may change the stresses on the ankle joint during walking.  

Image of woman with ankle pain.Image of woman with ankle pain.

What causes Ankle pain without Injury?

Ankle pain can happen to anyone at any age.  It can occur from decreased stability or a history of sprains or injuries.  Ankle pain may occur from wearing high heels or shoes that do not fit properly.  It may also occur with running and impact exercises over time.

The most common cause of ankle pain is a sprain.  Ankle sprains are common with men under 24 and women over 30.  

How do I Stop my Ankle from Hurting?  

If you are experiencing ankle pain, there are several things to consider.  

  • Are your shoes the correct size?
  • Are you wearing a high heel?
  • Have you had a previous injury to the ankle?
  • Are you calf muscles tight?
  • Are you walking on uneven surfaces?

Any of these may lead to ankle pain.  Conditioning, strength, flexibility and proper foot wear can make a big difference when dealing with ankle pain.  Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and vascular disease may also lead to ankle pain.  If you have any of these, consider speaking to you physician about managing these conditions.

Swollen AnkleImage of a swollen ankle

What is the Fastest Way to Relieve Ankle Pain?

If you suddenly notice ankle pain, try resting and taking weight off of the ankle for a day or 2.  Ice and elevation may also help.  If the pain persists, see a physician or physical therapist for further treatment.  

What are the Signs of Arthritis in your Ankles?

Arthritis can cause pain in the ankles.  With arthritis, pain typically gets worse as the day progresses with standing and walking activity.  Stiffness and swelling can also be a sign of arthritis.  Arthritis pain does not always last, though.  With mild cases, the pain may be intermittent.  Proper strength and stretching exercises can help.  Proper foot wear can also make a big difference.

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