Knee Tendonitis

By Jon Stiffler PTA/Sports Center Manager

What is Tendonitis of the Knee?

There are several large tendons around the knee joint. When one of them becomes inflamed or irritated causing pain, this is known as knee tendonitis. The most common type of knee tendonitis is patella tendonitis, or Jumpers’ Knee. The patella tendon is located in the front of the knee joint and attaches the quadriceps muscle group to the shin bone. Pain associated with patella tendonitis will worsen with walking, going up or down stairs, jumping, kicking and running. The most common cause of patella tendonitis is overuse. Treatment for patella tendonitis starts with avoiding activities that cause the pain.  Ice can also help decrease pain and inflammation of the tendon.  Physical therapy helps address inflexibility and strength deficits surrounding the knee joint.  Some other treatments which can help are Laser Therapy, Ultrasound, and the Graston Technique.

IT Band Syndrome

Another condition which can occur at the outside part of your knee is Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome.  The IT Band is inflamed at the lateral aspect of the knee.  Patients complain of pain and sometimes popping at the outside aspect of the knee.

JOI Knee Joint

Image of Knee






Physical Therapy can be very helpful for this condition.  Stretching of the IT band and the hamstrings can improve this condition.  Modalities such as laser therapy, ultrasound, ice, heat and the Graston Technique are effective to decrease the pain and inflammation.

iliotibial band ITB stretch with belt

iliotibial band ITB stretch with belt

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