Football or Soccer Exercises

By Matthew Paulus MS ATC LAT

Is it called Football or Soccer? 

The invention of the word Football was in England and all throughout the world is it is called Football or Futbol. The only exception to this is in the United States where they have given Football the name soccer. Additionally, These terms are interchangeable but it is important to remember that there is another sport that is Football in America so it can be misunderstood. Of the 265 million people over the world who play football at some level, over 24 million of them are residents of the United States.

Football athlete soccer player Futbol

Image of Soccer Ball or Football

Does stretching prevent football injuries?

The short answer is no, just stretching does not prevent soccer injuries. However, utilizing stretching and strengthening exercises has been shown to decrease the chances of severe injury during practice or competition. The incorporation of stretching into an athlete’s warm-up, which is prior to engaging in any type of practice, competition, strengthening, or endurance training.

What is the best work out for a soccer or football player?

With all the different information available on the internet today, it’s hard to figure out which exercises best target the needs of soccer athletes. Fortunately, there is a resource out today that has been curated by professionals to provide soccer athletes with a well-rounded workout to combat common soccer injuries, specifically injury to the ACL. The FIFA 11+ allows you to choose from a variety of exercises and guides you through the order they are most effective in. The FIFA 11+ is a set of exercises that are utilized by the Pro teams you see playing in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Click the flyer below for the FIFA 11+ Warm up Program.

Soccer training Football training Futbol Training Exercises

FIFA Exercises and Stretches

There are no specific exercise or set of exercises that can totally prevent soccer injuries. However, There are combinations of stretches and strengthening exercises that can be effective in preventing injuries. By athletes educating themselves and understanding what they can do to protect their bodies. Additionally, Soccer athletes can advocate for themselves and teammates to have well-rounded workouts backed by research.

Preventing Injuries in Soccer

When it comes to playing sports, one of the largest concerns for players is how to prevent injuries from occurring. In recent years, professionals have developed a program, the FIFA 11+. The purpose of this program is to promote injury prevention for soccer athletes. This article will address some commonly asked questions regarding injury prevention in soccer and how the utilization of  FIFA 11+ may address these concerns.

Football player Soccer Player Futbol Injury

Injured Female Soccer Player

What are the most common types of soccer or football injuries?

Lower extremity injuries involving the knee and ankle are most common while playing soccer. The knee can account for up to 25% of injury, with the ACL being the most common injury in the knee.

5 most common soccer injuries include:

  1. Ligament injuries
  2. Shin splints
  3. Strains
  4. Sprains
  5. Concussion

Written By: Annie Gibbs, ATC, LAT

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