Robotic Spine Surgery

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What is Mazor X Stealth Robotic Spine Surgery?

Mazor X Stealth Robotic Spine Surgery is a new technology which assists spine surgeons during Lumbar Spinal Fusion procedures.  It allows the surgeon to create a detailed surgical plan for each individual patient prior to beginning the surgery.  Robotic Spine Surgery utilizes robotic arms to guide surgical devices and instruments. This allows the surgeon to have a more precise angle and position when entering the spine.  Robotic Spine Surgery also allows for complex spinal fusion surgery to be performed with small incisions. 

What is a Spinal Fusion?

A spinal fusion is a surgical procedure in which a spine surgeon connects 2 or more vertebrae together. This is usually performed using plates and pedicle screws.  The disk which lies between the vertebrae is typically removed and a spacer is placed between the 2 vertebrae.  This prevents movement at those spine levels and can decrease compression on the nerves at that spine level. 

There are several conditions which may lead to a lumbar spinal fusion. These include:

A spinal fusion is typically a last resort procedure with spine issues as it is invasive.  Historically, orthopedic spine surgeons performed spinal fusions freehand.  They utilized an x-ray device called a fluoroscope to take pictures during the procedure.  The pictures helped to guide the surgeon to determine if the pedicle screws were entering at the correct angle and to the proper depth.  

Orthopedic Spine Surgeons now have the option to utilize the Mazor X Stealth Robot-Assisted technology with spinal fusions.  This decreases the need for free-hand surgery and excessive X-ray films. 

If you would like to learn more about the anatomy of the spine, visit this site  This video may help as well!

Why would I want Mazor X Stealth Robot-Assisted Spine Surgery?

Robotic spine surgery has benefits over the traditional spinal fusion method.  Some of these include:

  • Smaller incisions.
  • Less radiation.
  • Shorter hospital stay.
  • Greater predictability during the procedure.
  • Improved outcomes.

The robotic-assisted procedure aligns the surgical devices.  This decreases the need for excessive area visualization by the surgeon and allows for smaller incisions.  Smaller incisions help to decrease the risk of infection and post-operative complications.  The lower risk means shorter hospital stays for some patients.

The robotic guidance system presets the depth and angle of the pedicle screws and controls this process during screw placement.  This allows for more precision with less need for fluoroscopic pictures during the procedure.  Some studies show that this decreases the amount of radiation exposure by up to 50% during the spinal fusion procedure. 

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Who uses Robotic Spine Surgery?

Mazor X Stealth Robot-Assisted spinal fusion is available at Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Florida.  Dr. Gregory Keller and Dr. James Perry are JOI Orthopedic Spine Surgeons who are utilizing this technology to perform lumbar fusion surgery.  The procedure is currently performed at the Baptist Hospital in Downtown Jacksonville, Florida in partnership with the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute.


JOI Physicians and JOI Rehab are now offering Telemedicine visits using the free zoom app.  If you are interested in this service, please call JOI-2000. 

ASAP Fracture Care

JOI Doctors are currently offering ASAP fracture and soft tissue injury care.

To schedule an appointment with a JOI Spine Surgeon, call JOI-2000 or click the link below.

By: Ehren Allen, PT, COMT

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