Why are Athletic Trainers Important?

What is an Athletic Trainer?

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Athletic Trainers are Licensed and Certified health care professionals who typically work with sports teams at any level, including high school, junior college, collegiate, or professional.  However, athletic trainers can be seen in various settings like:

  • Orthopedic offices
  • Physical therapy clinics
  • Industrial companies
  • Military bases. 

The role of an athletic trainer is:

  • Injury prevention
  • Clinical diagnosis of acute injuries
  • Emergency care and CPR
  • Taping and Stretching
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Perform rehabilitation under the direction of a physician/physical therapist per their state licensure statutes and communicate a plan of care between
    • Athletes
    • Coaches 
    • Physicians
    • Parents

athletic trainers on field working with athletes at JOIAthletic Trainers observe and treat athletes daily.

How to Become an Athletic Trainer or LAT

The licensing or certification to become an athletic trainer can vary from state to state.  However, all athletic trainers must graduate from an accredited baccalaureate or master’s program.  Forty-nine states require that an athletic trainer hold the Board of Certification (BOC) credential to become Athletic Trainer, Certified, or ATC. 

Recent statistics show that approximately 70% of ATC hold master’s degrees (NATA.org).  Once an Athletic Trainer has become fully certified and/or licensed, they will have to maintain their licensure by completing 50 hours of continuing education courses and a CPR certification every two years.  

Why are Athletic Trainers Important?

Athletic trainers work closely with several health care providers to ensure total satisfactory care centered around the athlete. Athletic trainers serve as a liaison between 

  • physicians
  • athletes 
  • families
  • physical therapists
  • coaches

This is to effectively communicate the athlete’s status for a safe return to play.

Athletic trainers are experts in sports medicine safety. If an athlete gets injured on the field, athletic trainers are trained in safe removal from the field and out of any equipment.  They also arrange the treatment plan to be specific to the athlete's sport.  They can perform life saving CPR to save lives!

Certified Athletic Trainers at JOI RehabJOI Athletic Trainers attend high school sports events

Why Are Athletic Trainers Important in Sports?

The main advantage of utilizing an athletic trainer in sports is saving lives with emergent care.  Athletic Trainers are able to recognize serious medical conditions and provide first aid and to get athletes the emergent care they need. They bridge the gap between paramedics, physicians, physical therapists to provide the outstanding care and outcomes.  After an injury, they provide a safe return to sport-specific activities.  Certainly, Athletic Trainers play a crucial role in the world of Sports Medicine and Athletic Competition. 

Athletic Trainers in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute has many athletic trainers on staff in the clinic and with local schools. JOI Rehab utilizes Licensed athletic trainers to treat athletes/patients in both formal physical therapy and school settings. 

By: Kori Price

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