Do You Have Lower Back Pain While Standing?

What Causes Pains in Lower Back While Standing?

The quick answer is if the discs and facet joints become inflamed, they may cause pain in the lower back in standing.

The lower back anatomy is made up of vertebral bones stacked to support the body in an upright position. These bones have a disk between each of them to cushion them and provide stability. They also have a joint on both sides called facet joints, which allow movement between each spine level.

Can Standing for Long Periods Cause Lower Back Pain From Standing ? 

Over time, the facet joints and disks may begin to wear out. This may lead to lower back pain in standing during normal daily activity.  In standing, the spine has a curvature, which may increase contact between the facet joints. If there is inflammation in those joints, excessive standing may aggravate the inflammation and cause lower back pain in standing.

How Should I Stand with Back Pain?

Many people experience more low back pain with sitting than while standing.  But, if you are one of the people who have more pain in standing, here are some tips to try:

  • Stand for shorter periods of time.  
  • Try placing one foot on a step. This limits excessive spine curvature in standing.
  • Avoid high heels!!  Heels force the lower spine into increase curvature and can compress the facet joints.
  • Consider a work station that adjusts from sitting to standing.
  • Is Standing Good for The Low Back?

    Typically, people with low back pain report increased pain with sitting instead of standing.  This is due to the spine's flexion, which occurs in the seated position, which may increase compression on the lumbar disks.  In this case, the standing may decrease symptoms and limit the excessive forces on the disks.  This may help to decrease lower back and hip pain.  

    If you would like to learn more about the lower back's anatomy, please go to: 

  • What if I Cannot Get Rid of the Pain in Lower Back When Walking or Standing?

    If the low back pain remedies listed above do not help, it may be worth seeing a physician.  A referral to physical therapy may help get you the best low back exercises and lower back stretches to decrease pain with standing.  In more severe cases, Injections may help decrease inflammation in the joints and structures in the lumbar spine.  

    The Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute has a team of experts with world-class spine surgeons, physiatrists, and physical therapists to help!  Jacksonville Orthopedic Inst. has a dedicated Spine Center that specializes in treating issues with the back.

    Low Back Pain Physical Therapy

    If you are interested in receiving physical therapy, give JOI Rehab a call at 904-858-7045.  The fast track spine program ensures that you will get into a spine physical therapist quickly.  Conservative spine physical therapy can be very beneficial in your recovery and your return to function. JOI Rehab is now offering Telemedicine services.

    To make an appointment with a Spine Orthopedic Specialist at the JOI, call 904-JOI-2000 or schedule online HERE.

    To learn more about low back pain and what you can do for it read our Low Back Pain article HERE.

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    By: Andrew Heideman, PT, ATC 

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