Benefits of Crossfit

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit, in its origins, is a type of exercise regimen created by Greg Glassman. There are workouts of the day designed to be constantly varied, functional movements, and performed at a high-intensity level. Although Crossfit is a training brand, it is not a franchised set of gyms such as Orange Theory. It is the style of exercise that makes a gym a Crossfit training facility.

A typical Crossfit session has four components: 

  • a warm-up,
  • strength or skill,
  • workout of the day (WOD)
  • a mobility type cool down

Two females squatting with a bench press on their backs.Women squatting with bench press.

Due to Crossfit's ability to mix and match exercises into a workout plan, most participants will rarely complete the same workout multiple times. However, a few classic Crossfit “benchmark” workouts of the day are typically named after women or in honor of fallen servicemen. These WOD’s are good at measuring your progress. You can see if you can complete the same workout with increased weight, reps, or better time.  It is still important to stretch in the warm-up of any activity. 

What are Crossfit Games?

Athletes will compete in varied Crossfit workouts over five days to determine the “Fittest on Earth.” Before the official Crossfit Games, there are open tournaments worldwide. This is when people will compete to increase their rank in the compared to others. At the competition begins, athletes earn points for completing specific exercises in either the quickest time frame, lifting the most weight, or completing the most reps.  

What are Common Crossfit Injuries?

Crossfit has gotten a bad reputation over the years for being dangerous and causing injuries in its participants. Injuries can occur with any exercise regimen. Exercises should be challenging to meet a person’s fitness goals. However, they need to be modified to a level appropriate for the person’s ability or fitness level. In addition, to too much weight or repetitions and poor form can increase a person’s risk for injury with higher-level exercises. 

As a person fatigues, especially with total body lifts/movement, they will utilize other muscles to compensate and complete the activity. This can put increased stress or strain on a particular body part, causing injury. Another source of injury could come from overuse. This can be due to not allowing for appropriate rest times for muscle recovery. It is not recommended to perform any other exercise program seven days a week. With a knowledgeable trainer/coach, Crossfit workouts can be safe and beneficial for a person at any level of fitness training.

If an injury occurs, it is very important to do the RICE Protocol. 

Does Crossfit Make You Bulky?

Many women are worried about becoming “bulky” and steer away from lifting heavier weights. Another cause misconception with Crossfit is that the athletes who compete in the “Crossfit Games” on television are typically very muscular. However, Crossfit, as with most workout regimens, will not make a person bulky alone. Muscle mass is gained through intense weight lifting combined with a proper diet. The diet must allow for excess calories/nutrients to be utilized to form muscle. Crossfit programs can be altered to target most physique goals.

By: Alex Bigale, PTA

Physical Therapy for Crossfit Injuries

Physical therapy equipment can help with strengthen muscles due to Crossfit injuryJacksonville Orthopaedic Institute Physical Therapy Center

  Our website medical library has several articles on all of the injuries listed below.  Please go to JOI Library or JOI Trending.  Related articles: Bench Press Proper Form and the Proper  Squat Technique.

To schedule an appointment for physical therapy for a Crossfit injury at one of the 12 JOI Rehab Centers, please call 904-858-7045.  We are so proud to welcome to welcome Jennifer Dieter to JOI Rehab.  Jen is a physical therapist and competes in National Crossfit Competitions. 

Do you have a Crossfit injury that is keeping you from your workout routine? Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute has 12 physical therapy locations throughout Northeast Florida. To find a location near you visit, click below, or call 904-JOI-2000.

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