5 Tips for Beginner Runners

Due to it's low cost and convenience, running tends to be a go-to option for those trying to get into shape.  Running has been shown to promote weight loss, boost self-esteem, and build strong bones.  However, beginning to run can quickly become an overwhelming experience for most individuals due to the physical and mental demands of running. To ensure a successful running experience, follow these 5 Tips for Beginner Runners by JOI Rehab.

If you want to learn more about prevention of injuries with running, please read this ARTICLE. 5 Tips for beginner runners from JOI Rehab 5 Tips for Beginner Runners

Here are the 5 Tips for Beginner Runners

1) Get Good Shoes

It has to be the shoes! Get yourself fitted for a good pair of running shoes that properly fit your feet and style of running.  Find a store near you that has knowledgeable staff to determine any deficits in your gait and point you towards shoes that are catered towards your specific needs.  With the Footmaxx Metascan system, the trained staff at JOI Rehabilitation can assess your gait pattern and design custom orthotics to fit your specific needs.

2) Build Up Mileage

Low miles are not only good for your car! Your body takes time to get accustomed to new things, including a new fitness plan. Make sure to start with short distances and gradually build up to your desired mileage. Too much too soon can lead to increased soreness and risk of injuries, delaying your running success.

3) Mix It Up

Variety is the Spice of Life!  Keep your muscles guessing by changing when and where you run.  Your body is constantly adapting, and if your fitness regime lacks variety, your body will get bored and you'll stop seeing noticeable results.  While changing the time and location of your run can help, you can also add in cross-training and resistance exercises to your workouts.

4) Hydrate

Runners know just how important staying hydrated is to perform at their best when running.  Hydrating your body before, during, and after a run ensures that your body has the proper fuel.

5) Breathe

When running you want to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  This helps keep your body and muscles oxygenated during your run.  Breathing deeply and correctly can help to improve posture and lower the chances of getting side stitches, or side cramps. 

We hope that these 5 Tips for Beginner Runners will be the start that you need to start running and stay healthy. 

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By: Drew Heideman PT/ATC 5 Tips for Beginner Runners.

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