5 Knee Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

By: Drew Heideman PT/ATC and our Board Certified Orthopedic Physicians

Knee pain can be treated by orthopedic surgeons and physical therapy.Image of the knee

Most people will experience knee pain at some point. Knee pain can certainly get in the way of working out, climbing stairs, and doing daily activities. So how can you know when it's time to see a doctor about your knee pain? If caught soon enough, knee pain can be treated conservatively to reduce the risk of further injury. The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute has identified 5 knee symptoms you should not ignore. If you experience any of the following symptoms in your knee, you should consult an orthopedic physician.

5 Knee Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

  1. Clicking, locking, or popping in the knee joint.
  2. Swelling.
  3. Knee pain when sitting, driving, walking, sleeping, or exercising.
  4. Instability or a feeling of the knee giving way.
  5. Pain or stiffness which causes a decreased ability to bend or straighten the knee.

Anatomy of the Knee Joint

To learn more about the anatomy of the knee, go to this knee anatomy video.

Treatment for Knee Pain

The key to the treatment of knee injuries is early intervention. Oftentimes, patients wait too long to get evaluated for their condition and their injury progresses quickly. You should always take action if you have one of these 5 knee symptoms you should not ignore. If caught early enough, knee pain may be treated with physical therapy, pain management, medications, and exercise. 

Our JOI Orthopedic Surgeons

The Board Certified experts at the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute (JOI) specialize in all types of knee conditions and can help you get on the road to recovery.  We have orthopedic physicians who specialize in the knee and treatment at all five of our clinical locations. Our orthopedic surgeons have years of experience and the latest diagnostic technology to diagnose the condition causing your knee pain. Once the condition is identified, your physician will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Treatments can include physical or occupational therapy, home exercise programs, gait training, injections, pain management, medications, laser treatment, acupuncture, and surgical intervention. 

JOI specializes in all types of knee conditions. Our team is made up of physicians, physical therapists, and massage therapists, working together to provide you with the best comprehensive care. Our orthopedic knee physicians are board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. 

Knee Orthopedic Surgeons

The JOI team believes in a full continuum of care for the treatment of the knee joint. This involves preparing our patients for a full return to their prior level of activities. For our athletes, our trained professionals will use protocols for a safe return to their sport. Our clinicians also use the Dartfish video analysis program to correct any bio-mechanical errors which might have contributed to the original injury. For our other patients, our clinicians will develop a program to gradually return them to normal activities.

Our orthopedic physicians specializing in the knee utilize the latest technologies and techniques from diagnosis to treatment. After the condition is identified, your physician will construct a treatment plan catered to your needs. JOI has knee-specific treatment protocols for knee conditions to provide the best outcomes. 

The 5 knee symptoms you should not ignore can indicate various knee pathologies or other serious medical conditions, including:

  1. Tendinitis.
  2. Osteoarthritis.
  3. Knee Ligament Sprains (ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL).
  4. Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  5. Jumper's Knee.
  6. Cartilage or Meniscus Tears.
  7. Patellofemoral Injuries.
  8. Dislocation/Subluxation.
  9. IT Band Syndrome.
  10. Muscle Strains and Tendon Ruptures.

If you want to learn more about knee pain, go to: https://www.joionline.net/trending/content/knee-pain  

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If you are experiencing any of the 5 knee symptoms you should not ignore, early medical intervention can make a big difference in your recovery. The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute will provide the highest level of care to help you return to your normal, active lifestyle. To schedule an appointment with a orthopaedic knee specialist, call JOI-2000 or click on the banner below.  JOI is now offering Telehealth and ASAP Fracture and Injury Appointments. 

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