JOI Robotic Spine Surgery

JOI Robotic Spine Video

Please watch this JOI Robotic Spine Video. The future of spine surgery has arrived at JOI. With the help of Mazor Robotics, our surgeons can have smaller incisions and a more accurate placement of the device while performing surgeries. Our surgeons utilize a CT scan to assist with this accuracy.

Robotic spine surgery utilizes Mazor Robotic guidance technology. This is to improve the visibility and precision during Spine Surgery. The surgeon has an increased predictability with the procedure. Robotic spine surgery can make a complex spinal fusion a more minimally invasive experience. This can mean smaller incisions, lower risks of complications, and shorter hospital stays. Spinal Fusion Surgery has historically been performed by either freehand Pedicle screw placement or Flouroscopic guidance. There is no need to wait to see a physician about your back pain. Give JOI a call to get back to the activities that you love.

Finally, this procedure is performed by JOI Spine Orthopedic Physicians at the Baptist Downtown location.

For more information at Robotic Spine Surgery at JOI, please give us a call at 904-JOI-2000, schedule online or click below.

By: Ehren Allen, PT

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