Jeanie’s Testimonial

Patient of: Garry S. Kitay, MD

Wrist Surgery Testimonial

It has been a year since surgery and I am amazed at the recovery and full use of my wrist. I was apprehensive when Dr. Kitay mentioned that I would need surgery to regain good use of my wrist. Additionally, this would help to avoid future pain. This was my first experience with surgery. The Dr. nor his staff pressured me, but gave me adequate time to decide whether I wanted the surgical procedure. The surgery went very smooth and somehow I knew Dr. Kitay was going to take care of me. He has a very comforting personality however at the same time, you know he is very skillful and good at what he does.

The staff was equally caring throughout the rehabilitation process and helped me to get back using my wrist the way I could before it was broken. Dr. Kitay and JOI Rehab is, in my opinion, one of the best in the business. I was concerned about being able to work and you got me back to being able to work 12 hr shifts and using my hand a majority of the time. Also able to take care of my house and lawn and can lift with items such as 20-40 lb mulch-putting soil, etc. Thank you for the wonderful repair job.

– Jeanie

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Dr. Garry Kitay Elbow testimonial

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