Mr. Witt Testimonial

Patient of: Brett P. Frykberg, MD

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure

Image of Danny Witt running on the treadmill

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Testimonial by Tennis Pro Danny Witt

Within this past year, tennis professional and coach for competitive tennis athletes.  Daniel Witt, underwent a procedure performed by Dr. Frykberg known as the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. Only in his 40s, he suffered with hip pain for more than 10 years before he said “that is enough” and decided to follow-through with surgery.

With the Birmingham resurfacing procedure, bone preservation is a central concern for younger patients who want to return to an active lifestyle. By preserving existing bone rather than removing and replacing a large section of the femur, natural anatomical biomechanics can be maintained. This may also make for an easier revision in the future for a conventional total hip replacement.

After three months of continuous rehabilitation at JOI, Mr. Witt is not only noticing a difference in his sleep and daily activities, but also is able to run functionally on a treadmill with little to no pain.

Mr. Witt also stated, “I think the best part of it all, is that I didn’t have to go anywhere for this latest technology in surgical care. The surgery was right here in town by Dr. Frykberg.”

– Mr. Witt


Dr. Brett Frykberg

Dr. Brett Frykberg is an orthopedic physician at the JOI San Marco location.  He is the only physician in Jacksonville who regularly performs the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure.  This is the same procedure which Andy Murray was reported to have done on his hip.

Dr. Brett Frykberg

Image of Dr. Brett Frykberg

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