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Shawn’s Testimonial

While racing the Ironman New Orleans Triathlon, I hit a marker in the road and crashed my bike very hard.  While my face looked “beat up” it was actually a fracture in my left hand that would end up being the most serious injury.  At 46 years old, normally a fracture would take 6-8+ weeks to heal.  I was very concerned as I only had 4 weeks until my next race.  All the while I needed to train through this injury in order to be able to compete.  After talking with Drew Heideman who was doing my PT, he recommended we try their new “cool laser” for treatment of the fracture.  I only did 3 treatments total and the results were really incredible.  With each treatment, my hand seemed to get much better.  I was able to train through the fracture with the help of the laser.  Without being limited by my healing fracture which normally should have been really painful. 

Thanks to Drew and the crew at JOI, I went on to finish Ironman Texas.  My time was  9:52 which was 68th overall out of 2800 athletes. With a swim time that was EXACTLY the same as my previous year without the fractured hand.  Thanks Drew and the whole team at JOI, you guys are incredible!!!

– Shawn B.

laser therapy

Laser Therapy for Tennis Elbow

Laser Testimonial 

Class IV lasers work by stimulating cellular activity, not by producing heat. It is not like more traditional modalities such as ultrasound, moist heat packs and diathermy. Our lasers work by stimulating production of ATP in the damaged cells to enhance healing. Research has shown that the damaged cells absorb the light energy from the laser much more readily than healthy cells in the treatment area.

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