Robotic-Partial Knee Replacement

Patient of: Steven M. Crenshaw, MD

Robotic Surgery Testimonial

At the age of 56, my left knee had degenerated to a bone-on-bone condition because of arthritis and 30 years of jogging/running. I could no longer run, and walking was becoming more and more painful. Because of my knee pain, I was limping in such a way that it was beginning to cause back problems. I had tried everything I could, including anti-inflammatory drugs, numbing injections directly into my knee joint, and had spoken to another surgeon about a potential surgical procedure (Osteotomy). Then, a friend told me about Dr. Crenshaw’s new robotic-assisted knee surgery. At first, I was somewhat apprehensive about such a new procedure, but there seemed to be no other option and the pain was getting worse.

I had the surgery early on Tuesday, April 3. On Wednesday, I was walking (slowly) with a walker and began physical therapy in the hospital. During this time, Dr. Crenshaw was checking on me twice a day. On Thursday afternoon, I was released from the hospital after my third physical therapy session. When I left the hospital, I was able to bend my knee 63 degrees.

At home, I did the same physical therapy sessions I had learned in the hospital.  Early mornings I did these sessions on my own, in the afternoon under the watchful eye of a physical therapist that visited me at home. The physical therapist added a few new exercises every 2 or 3 days. By Tuesday of the next week (7 days after surgery), I was able to set the walker aside and use a cane. After walking with the cane for two days, I found I was forgetting to use it, because I didn’t really need it. So, 9 days after a partial knee replacement, I was walking without any physical aids.

On Friday of the second week (11 days after surgery), I was able to bend my knee 140 degrees. I continued doing physical therapy on my own for two additional weeks, but no longer had a therapist visit. Six weeks after the surgery, I was pretty much back to normal. I could ride my bike 10+ miles, swim and most importantly walk without pain or a limp. I could not have done this without Dr. Crenshaw, his staff and this innovative new procedure. While I was apprehensive at first, this surgery has changed my life, allowing me to move and live pain free. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.  

– Kevin

Dr. Steven Crenshaw

Image of Dr. Steven Crenshaw

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