Telemedicine Testimonial

JOI Rehab Physical Therapy Telemedicine Testimonial April 2020

Telemedicine/Virtual Visit Testimonial


I want to take a moment to thank you and the JOI team for your professionalism and guidance in my ongoing rehab journey. For anyone that has been through rehab, you know through the experience that it’s not something that one would label as fun. However, it is an essential part of the recovery process that allows one to return to hopefully a healthy lifestyle.

On my first appointment, you executed a detailed evaluation of my condition and formulated a program design strictly for me. As a note, the exercises and program changed as I progressed. I had completed four sessions at the JOI facility on San Jose Blvd when the world started to talk about the Coronavirus. JOI had always wiped down their equipment, but as a precaution, you doubled and tripled your efforts to minimize the risk. However, because of some of my underlying health conditions, it was decided that I was considered “High Risk” and should not continue with my in-office sessions.

As you are aware, JOI quickly tested and adopted a system whereby using my laptop computer, or my cell phone.  I could continue with my sessions in the comfort of my home. It has been working out very well using my stretch bands in various ways. The process continues to progress where you demonstrate the exercises, I execute them, and you critique my effort.
I certainly look forward to returning to your facility for my remaining sessions as soon as possible.

JOI and its management have earned the reputation of excellence in my book.  I would further encourage anyone needing the treatment that JOI specializes in to give them a try. You will not be disappointed as they have consistently demonstrated that they put their patients first.

– Dan Reese (JOI Rehab San Marco)

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