Hand Joint Replacement

Patient of: Garry S. Kitay, MD

A Hand Joint Replacement Testimonial 

Dr. Kitay and Staff are kind, caring people. My first impression: A doctor that is on time for an appointment, definitely positive. A staff that listens and gives the doctor what he asks for (complete X-rays of my right hand) to help him evaluate my problems. His thorough examination (aided by the X-rays) to his guidance of my options to help me regain the use of my hand. Answering my questions so I could know what the results of surgery would be. His knowledge and skills as a surgeon.

Dr. Kitay and staff are tops in my book! I have regained the use of my right hand (what a pleasure to lift my coffee cup one handed). When we lose the use of a body part over time, we forget the simple, daily activities that came without thinking. In closing, I could not ask for a better Physician or Staff.

– Albert

Dr. Garry Kitay Elbow testimonial

Image of Dr. Garry Kitay

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