Elbow Mary

Patient of: Garry S. Kitay, MD

Elbow Testimonial

In July 2009 I was referred to Dr. Garry Kitay due to an accidental fall. This fall resulted in a fractured Radial Head in the right elbow. Additionally,  I recognized Dr. Kitay as a person that is knowledgeable, open and honest in presenting the diagnosis and the expected outcome. Dr. Kitay confirmed there was a need for surgery to replace the Radial Head in the elbow. His compassionate bedside manner and genuine care speak volumes for a good-quality of Doctor/patient relationship. When the surgery process was complete, with the expected result. As I followed Dr. Kitay’s post-operative care, the healing process results were tremendous. In the beginning, I had no function of my entire forearm from my elbow throughout to the top of my fingers. Today, I have full function and use of my entire forearm and hand. I would highly refer Dr. Garry Kitay to my family and friends because of the care that was provided to me during my medical/surgical care.

– Mary

Dr. Garry Kitay Elbow testimonial

Image of Dr. Garry Kitay

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