Hand Basilar Thumb Arthritis

Patient of: Garry S. Kitay, MD

A Patient Testimonial for Dr. Kitay

Dr. Kitay has been my orthopedic physician and surgeon since I moved to Amelia Island. All aspects of Dr. Kitay’s care, whether it is patient evaluation, diagnostic accuracy, surgical procedure, maintenance care or compassionate patient contact, have been superior.

I have never had any qualms when it comes to recommending him to others for their orthopedic concerns.

Dr. Kitay has performed three surgeries on my hands. I am without pain and have full mobility of both hands. He professionally helps his patients to make an educated decision as to the avenue they chose to follow concerning their problems. He never gives up on a problem and stays with you until both you and he are satisfied that all avenues have been covered to your satisfaction. I have trouble healing in my left hand and he made sure my problems were solved, and I was good to go.

His staff reflects his professional requirements. They made me feel that my problems were a priority. When I have called they respond as soon as possible as does Dr. Kitay, if necessary.

I sincerely appreciate Dr. Kitay as a superior physicians, surgeon and fine individual. I know my hands are in good hands.

– Virginia

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