Back Pain & Spondylolisthesis

Patient of: Gregory C. Keller, MD

Testimonial about Dr. Keller

I have been a patient of the Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute for many years and over the years I’ve seen several different physicians for my osteoarthritis. I was being treated for a back problem (Spondylolisthesis) that had plagued me off and on for years.

In 2011 my back progressively got worse and walking and standing for any length of time became unbearable. My quality of life was diminishing; I am 58 years young, and this was really slowing me down and limiting my activities! Dr. Gregory C. Keller was my doctor at that time, and after reviewing my records and giving me a thorough examination he advised that I would benefit from a spinal fusion to correct this problem. Now, I was quite nervous about this surgery as I had only heard horror stories about life and recovery after back surgery.

Dr. Keller did an excellent job at explaining the procedure and putting my mind at ease and I went ahead with the surgery. My surgery went extremely well and my recovery even better. Thanks to the skillful work of Dr. Keller, my back feels great and I have my life back! Dr. Keller words to not express my gratitude.

– Mary

Dr. Gregory Keller

Image of Dr. Gregory Keller

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