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JOI and Jeff Lageman

Jeff Lageman

Jeff Lageman is the featured celebrity for the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute Super Bowl Commercial. Lageman is a former first round draft pick in the National Football League. He played football in high school for the Park View High Patriots. He was both linebacker and defensive end before playing at the collegiate level for the University of Virginia Cavaliers. Lageman was taken 14th overall by the New York Jets in 1989. He played in New York until 1995 when he was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars during their inaugural year. Lageman played a total of 10 years in the NFL. He finished his career with a total of 47 sacks. He then moved on to the next phase of his professional career in sports by becoming a broadcaster.

Jeff Lageman Radio Broadcaster

Due to his love for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors Lageman began a radio show in Jacksonville called “The Outdoors Show”. In 2014 Lageman became a team member of the official radio broadcast of the Jacksonville Jaguars and is still active in that role today. Lageman also appears on several other radio shows on the network 1010XL.

JOI Super Bowl Commercial

This is the 5th straight year JOI has aired a Super Bowl commercial and couldn’t be more proud of its work in the local athletic community. JOI is the Official Sports Medicine Provider for the Jacksonville Jaguars as well as other professional teams. With 26 ATC’s, JOI is in professional sports, but in the local high school and college community as well. JOI provides sports medicine services to Florida State College of Jacksonville and Jacksonville University as well as 7 high schools: Atlantic Coast, Bishop John J. Snyder, Bishop Kenny, The Bolles School, The Episcopal School, Paxon, and Fernandina Beach High School. Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute has designed a vertically integrated network for athletes in all aspects of the recovery process. JOI has Orthopedic Sports Medicine Physicians, Physical Therapists, Physiatrists, 12 Physical Therapy Centers and a dedicated Sports Center, among several other services all under one roof. This unique network of professionals provides unmatched care that is individually tailored to get you back on the road to recovery.

Why JOI?

Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute is committed to providing the best care for its patients, and in the words of Jeff Lageman “I want to go where the best is, and me, I’m going to JOI”. JOI, Where the Pro’s Go!

Finally for more information visit or call 904-JOI-2000.

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