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ActivArmor Face Masks

ActivArmor Introduces Face Masks

JOI Rehab can now scan you for the new ActivArmor Face Masks.  Therefore, you can order some of the masks directly from ActivArmor at: activarmor store.  The scanning fee is $25.  To learn more on Facebook, go to: facebook ActivArmor.

JOI Rehab clinicians have special training and obtain a certification by ActivArmor to safely scan patients for ActivArmor waterproof casts. Also, JOI has other ActivArmor products. Finally, JOI is the only ActivArmor provider in the state of Florida for their products.

To learn more about JOI and ActivArmor, go to ActivArmor.

Please watch this video from First Coast News: FACE Mask

To schedule an appointment for ActivArmor at JOI Rehab, please call 904-JOI-2000.

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