Wrist Sprain

By Drew Heideman, PT, ATC

What is a Wrist Sprain?

When your wrist is bent too far, this can cause a wrist sprain, or injury to the bands of tissue called ligaments. Ligaments connect the bones of your hand to each other and are often injured in a fall.  They also connect the bones of your hand to the bones of your forearm.

Wrist Sprain

Pain in the Wrist

Wrist Sprain Video

This Video Explains several aspect of a Wrist Sprain:

  • The Anatomy of the Wrist.
  • Wrist Ligaments.
  • Wrist Sprains.

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Therefore, if you have fallen down on your wrist, it is important to be properly evaluated.  You need to know the difference between a wrist fracture and a wrist sprain.  Treatment of both of these conditions is quite different.  Often these injuries occur with a fall at home or during sports like tennis or basketball.

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By: Drew Heideman, PT, ATC.

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