Wrist Sprain

By Julia Guthart, OT, CHT

What is a Wrist Sprain?  JOI Explains in this Video

When your wrist is bent too far, this can injure bands of tissue called “ligaments.” Ligaments connect the bones of your hand to each other. They also connect the bones of your hand to the bones of your forearm.  JOI Rehab has Occupational Therapy or Hand Therapy at several locations in Jacksonville.  JOI has the most CHT in the region!

This Video Explains:

-The Anatomy of the Wrist

-Wrist Ligaments

-Wrist Sprains

If you want to learn more about the wrist and other injuries, go to: https://www.joionline.net/trending/

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By: Julia Guthart, OT, CHT 

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