Upper Extremity Replantation

By Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Kitay

Upper Extremity Replantation by Dr. Bruce Steinberg and Dr. Garry Kitay of JOI

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Please read this article about Upper Extremity Replantation by Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Kitay of JOI San Marco. Replantation is the reattachment of a part that has been completely severed from the body.  This is to be distinguished from revascularization.  Where the limb has been incompletely amputated and a portion of the tissue remains in continuity. In this situation, venous and/or lymphatic drainage will frequently exist across the wound.

In both setting, vascular repair is necessary to prevent necrosis of the injured part.  However, replantation generally involves grater difficulty and a lower viability rate due to the lack of all outflow from the injured part.   Read the entire article in the attachment on this page.

Wrist and Forearm Muscles

Upper Extremity Replantation

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