Are Treadmill’s Easier To Run On?

By Drew Heideman, MPT, ATC, PES

The Myth that a Treadmill will “Cushion the Blow” of Running is Highly Circulated.

Is Treadmill Running Really Safer?

Is a treadmill easier to run on? When treadmill running, athletes tend to take shorter steps. Also, they take more steps per minute than when running on the ground. This is due to the propelling nature of a treadmill. Despite this, the downward force is not significantly smaller when treadmill running versus over-ground running. The downward force is the force that causes the “pounding” feeling in your joints when running. Because the downward force is not significantly different between the two, This form of running is not significantly easier on your joints than over-ground running!

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Alter G Treadmill

JOI Rehab – San Marco offers the new revolutionary AlterG “anti-gravity” treadmill for athletic training and post-surgery/injury rehab for your lower body. It’s a pain-free way to restore your natural gait, range of motion, and balance, and improve your rehab experience!

Read how the AlterG can help you get back to running by reducing your body weight.

If you would like to learn about how to reduce joint pain while running read this article from the Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute: 7 Running Tips to Reduce Knee Pain

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By: Drew Heideman, MPT, ATC, PES

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