Total Hip Replacement

By Tim Wall, MS, ATC

Total Hip Replacement

The Total Hip Replacement procedure is performed by several Hip Orthopedic Physicians at JOI.  There are several different procedures which can be done.  You should consult with physician to see what the best procedure for you is.

During the surgery, your damaged hip joint is replaced with implants that recreate the ball and socket of a healthy hip. This can reduce pain and restore your hip function. JOI is also the leader in Robotic Total Hip Replacements.  There are many different innovative procedures to replace your hip. Talk to one of our orthopedic hip replacement doctors about the options you have. Please call 904-JOI-2000 to schedule an appointment.

What are the Signs that You Need a Hip Replacement?

Osteoarthritis is usually the main reason that you would need a total hip replacement.  This disease is a degenerative disease which affects the joint and bones of the hip.  You would first notice a loss in the range of motion of your hip.  You would also experience pain in the hip joint or groin area.  Others around you may notice a limp due to the pain or loss of motion.  You might even notice that your muscles around the hip have atrophy or they appear much smaller.

Initial Treatment

The initial treatment for osteoarthritis of the hip are as follows:

-Modify your activities.  Avoid activities that produce pain in your joints.  Avoid deep squatting or bending which typically cause pain.  Take frequent breaks when doing housework or activities in your yard.

Physical Therapy.  A good physical therapy program can get you doing the correct exercises and stretches.  Maintaining or improving the strength of the muscles that surround your joints and significantly decrease the stress on the joint.

-NSAIDS or anti-inflammatory medication.  Always check with your physician about taking medications.

-Injections.  Your physician will advise you if an injection can help you manage your osteoarthritis.

Weight loss.  It is so important to maintain a healthy body weight.  Losing a few pounds can dramatically change the stress on your joints.

While in physical therapy, your therapist will give you exercises that you can do to decrease the stress on the hip joint.  They will give you safe alternatives for cardiovascular exercises like biking or swimming.  They will show you how to do a home exercise program.  If the conservative approach to the treatment of your hip fails, then you and your physician would discuss the surgical options.

Osteoarthritis of the Hip

Hip Osteoarthritis and joint pain

Total Hip Replacement

There are several different approaches that physicians have for a hip replacement.  There is an anterior and posterior surgical approach for hip replacements.  You can speak to your physician to see which approach is best for you.  The total hip replacement surgery remains one of the most successful surgeries.  It is often known as the operation of the century.

Minimum incision total hip replacement continues to be a popular choice for some patients.  Minimal incision total hips may lead to less scarring, smaller incisions, less blood loss, and earlier rehabilitation than traditional total hip replacement. Both total hips and total knees demand precision in the implementation, and not all patients are candidates for this type of surgery. Those who are significantly overweight with a high BMI or have severe deformities of either the hip or knee are not candidates for minimal incision type surgery.

Robotic assisted hip surgery is another option for you as a patient.  Some JOI physicians use the Mako robot for this procedure.  To learn more please go to Mako.

To learn more about the process of a Total Hip Replacement, please click HERE or click here to watch a hip replacement video.

JOI and JOI Rehab are here to help you if you are experiencing hip pain.  We offer a conservative and surgical approach for Osteoarthritis of the hip joint.  If you have any questions, please give us a call.

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