Total Ankle Joint Replacement

By JOI Total Ankle Replacement Physicians

Total Ankle Joint Replacement at The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute

The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute has three Foot and Ankle Specialists who perform total ankle joint Replacements. These Board Certified Orthopaedic Physicians with special training to evaluate your condition and recommend the best procedure for you are Dr. Hiram CarrasquilloDr. J Turner Vosseler, and Dr. Mark Gould. They offer individualized treatment plans which are the best way to ensure an excellent outcome.

Dr Gould Vosseller and Carrasquillo JOI Rehab

Doctors at The Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute who perform Total Ankle Replacement

What is the Most Common Reason for a Total Ankle Replacement?

Arthritis is usually the reason that you need a total ankle joint replacement.  However, trauma to the ankle joint may also be another reason for this procedure. Unlike other forms of arthritis throughout the body, ankle arthritis stems from a past injury 80% of the time.

What is a Total Ankle Replacement?

A total ankle replacement is an implant that replaces a painful arthritic joint.  The goal of the artificial joint is to eliminate the pain in the ankle. There have been significant advances in total ankle replacement over the years.  The goal is to provide long term pain relief and increase the longevity of the joint.



What is Total Ankle Arthroplasty?

Total ankle arthroplasty is just another name for total ankle replacement.

Alignment of the new ankle components is key to success and good surgical outcomes.  These advancements in technology allow your surgeon to use the individual patient’s surface anatomy to place patient-specific guides for surgery. This allows the surgeon to make more precise cuts in the bone for placing the new ankle components. More precise placement of the new ankle leads to better function and outcomes after surgery.

Stryker Total Ankle Replacement

Styker utilizes Prophecy® Surgical Planning. This software allows the surgeon to create a visualization of the surgery from the patient’s CT Scan. Prophecy® will then be able to give the accurate sizes and alignments for the 3-D Printed guides that will allow the surgeon to perform the surgery with less risk.

Stryker Prophecy® Surgical Planning diagram. JOI Rehab

Stryker’s Prophecy® Surgical Planning


Total Ankle Replacement vs. Ankle Fusion

So why would you choose a Total Ankle Replacement instead of an Ankle Fusion? The quick answer is that a total ankle replacement will result in the patient having an ankle much more similar to that of a healthy ankle in comparison to a fused ankle. The recovery time is also a factor to keep in mind when making your decision. A total ankle replacement enables the patient to bear weight on the ankle sometimes as soon as 6 weeks. An ankle fusion cannot bear weight until at least 12 weeks. A total ankle replacement also has a decreased risk for re-operation as well as a lesser chance of infection.

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By: Tim Wall, MS, ATC

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