Throwing Injuries of the Elbow

By Matt Paulus, Certified Athletic Trainer

Baseball and Softball Throwing Injuries of the Elbow

JOI Throwing Programs

Image of pain in the elbow

The throwing of a baseball or softball puts a lot of stress on your elbow and it can lead to injury. Young athletes, in particular, are at risk. Some play sports all year without learning how to throw properly.  Proper biomechanics or the correct way of throwing can really help prevent injuries.  This video helps explain how injuries to the elbow occur and how to treat them.  JOI Rehab has specific programs to help athletes who have shoulder and elbow injuries related to throwing.  JOI has a Sport Center to film athletes to make sure their biomechanics or throwing motions are correct.  At the Sport Center they also have throwing programs where a skilled clinician observes their mechanics throughout an entire return to sport program.  The Sport Center has an outside turf area with a pitching mound and batting cage nets.  If you want to learn more about the Sport Center go to:


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