The pinched nerve and pinched nerve in neck are treated at JOI

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What is a Pinched Nerve in the Neck?

• A pinched nerve is a common term used when a person has symptoms, usually into a limb (shoulder or leg) that corresponds to a nerve that exits the spine(back) at a particular level into that limb.
• Pinching a nerve can give symptoms of pain, numbness or in more severe cases, muscle weakness
• The numbness and muscle weakness are usually specific to a muscle and area of skin supplied by that nerve.
• Irritation of the nerve causes numbness/tingling and pain. If the nerve is more compressed, this can cause actual muscle weakness.
• Several factors can lead to a nerve being “pinched” including swelling (inflammation around the nerve), bulging or herniated discs. In some instances, the structures that form the “foraminal space’ where the nerve exits is more narrow from acquired issues including degenerative discs and arthritis in the area. The foraminal space is a small tunnel that the nerve passes through as it exits from the spinal cord to the limbs.
• If the nerve is in the neck, it can lead to symptoms in the shoulder or arm, even into the hand of the corresponding side
• If the nerve is exiting from the low back, it can effect to hip and leg on that side
• A careful evaluation by a physician will shed light on an accurate cause/diagnosis of this common problem so it can be addressed as needed.

JOI can help treat a Pinched Nerve in your Neck

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