The Team Behind You

By Andrew Orpiano, ATC, LAT

The Team Behind You – The Sports Medicine Team

The team behind you is the JOI Sports Medicine Team is a group of medically trained individuals comprised of Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) and Physicians specifically Orthopaedic Surgeons. This specific team is responsible for managing the health and well-being of athletes so they can perform at their full potential on game day. Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute (JOI) Sports Medicine provides medical coverage to multiple local high schools, colleges, and professional teams. JOI Orthopaedic Surgeon and Team Physician, Dr. Carlos Tandron, covers sports at Bishop Kenny, Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Florida State College, Bishop Snyder, and Jacksonville University. Dr. Tandron works alongside the school’s ATC evaluating student-athletes on the sideline as well as the playing field when needed.

imageof Dr. Carlos Tandron

Dr. Carlos Tandron.


In Season Sports Medicine Coverage 

During the fall, after a week of performing surgeries and seeing patients in the clinic at JOI San Marco, Dr. Tandron can be seen on the sidelines of a football game. He enjoys the opportunity to interact with the ATC’s and student-athletes. Dr. Tandron says the ATC’s are enthusiastic, energetic, and have the athlete’s best interest. He is able to interact with current and former student-athletes. His conversations with them during rehabilitating a sports injury have influenced them to pursue a career in medicine.

“Having an ATC and MD on the sidelines during football games have been crucial, and a very big necessity in my opinion. As a player, having trained medical professionals on the sideline takes away a lot of the worry or anxiousness about getting injured in a game because I know there are people on standby to help me if it happens. This is one less thing to worry about during games, which in turn helps me play better to the fullest of my ability. Also, from a safety standpoint, I have witnessed multiple serious injuries over my high school football career during games, and the medical professionals standing by tending to the hurt players immediately which I believe was very crucial in getting the injured players the help they need in a timely manner.” – Episcopal Student-Athlete

ATC Coverage 

ATC’s perform daily assessments, most familiar with the athletes, knowledgeable, and can provide the Orthopaedic Surgeon assistance on the field. Orthopaedic Surgeons on the sidelines are able to perform acute or emergency care and provide a plan of care. Dr. Tandron believes it would be ideal to have ATC’s present at all sports specifically sports with a high potential of injury due to contact. He believes the benefits and importance of having an ATC covering in today’s sports world are invaluable.

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By: Carlos Tandron, MD

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