By Andrew Heideman PT/ATC

What is a Synovectomy?

A synovectomy is the surgical removal of an inflamed membrane (synovium) that lines a joint. The purpose of synovial fluid is to lubricate joints and prevent friction. The synovium itself produces and keeps the fluid within the joint. When the joint is not functioning properly, the synovium may produce too much fluid, causing inflammation and swelling. A synovectomy is usually performed on joints that are affected by rheumatoid arthritis or other chronic joint inflammatory conditions and are causing a lot of pain or loss of full motion. In addition, this procedure can be performed on the knees, elbows, wrists, fingers, and hips and can be done arthroscopically or as an open procedure. A synovectomy helps patients regain motion, as well as decrease pain and swelling in the joint.


Knee Anatomy and Ligaments

Human Knee Ligaments and joint

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