Susan’s Story: Wrist Arthroscopy

By Jennifer L.M. Manuel, MD

Susan’s Story on Wrist Arthroscopy at JOI

Watch this patient’s testimonial VIDEO about how she got her life back after undergoing a wrist arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is a type of surgical procedure which allows surgeons to look into affected joints to diagnose and treat a number of conditions.  There are several wrist injuries and trauma which can be done arthroscopically. The procedure is minimally invasive and involves making just a few small incisions around the affected joint.

Once the incisions are made, a small fiber optic video camera, which measures about the size of a pencil, is inserted into the joint to find the problem. In addition, water is constantly flushing through the joint. This is to increase visibility because usually blood is blocking the view.  The view inside your joint is transmitted to a video monitor.  Your surgeon can move around the joint to investigate various issues.  The physician may have a portal site on the medial and lateral side of the joint to see all of the structures.

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