Single Incision Carpal Tunnel Treatment

By Bruce Steinberg, MD

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

There have been significant improvements in the surgical intervention for carpal tunnel syndrome.  New methods of surgery allow surgeons to perform these operations with minimal invasiveness.

The old technique of an open carpal tunnel release creates an incision within the sensitive palm of the hand.  This approach takes away the kink of the nerve by opening the transverse carpal ligament.  The downside is a tender, painful palm. This drawback has been overcome by using an endoscopic device.  This device allows the operation to be done through a quarter inch incision site.  This incision is also away from the palm at the wrist crease.

The median nerve is clearly seen and therefore the release of the transverse ligament is the release of pressure of the carpal tunnel. While this operation is more technical in nature versus than the open carpal tunnel procedure.  With training and experience, this surgery is safer and leads to excellent relief of the symptoms while allowing a faster return to full activity.

Single Incision Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal Tunnel surgery







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By: Dr. Bruce Steinberg

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